We offer a large variety of reporting options which is regularly expanding.

  • Our reports are designed with accuracy and simplicity in mind.
  • As standard, we provide a range of Extension Reports, Group Reports, Resource Reports and Call Accounting Reports.
  • We can provide custom reports should the standard options not fit a customer’s needs (POA).
  • Our dashboard interface is something we regularly receive customer praise for. There are a variety of available layouts and ‘widgets’ that can be configured to help businesses maintain up to date visibility of their business productivity and customer calling habits.
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Scheduled Reports can be configured to deliver reports via email at regular intervals.

  • Any report that can be run adhoc on the system can also be configured as a scheduled report.
  • Emails can be delivered to multiple recipients in PDF, CSV and/or XLSX formats.
  • Reports can be scheduled on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis across a wide range of different periods.

Alerts can be configured to provide email notification of events or behaviours being detected within the call records.

  • Missed Call Alerts can be configured to provide an email notification when a missed call is detected to one or more extensions or groups over a configurable ring time.
  • Long Call Alerts can be configured to provide an email notification when a call is detected over a configurable threshold.
  • Trunk Utilization Alerts can provide an email notification when the number of concurrent calls reaches a maximum threshold. This can be useful to be notified when usage on the trunks are reaching maximum capacity.

What is Callation?

  • We strive to provide fast and efficient reporting. Speed of delivery is one of the cornerstones of our service.
  • We are continually evolving.
    Developing new features and options base on customer needs.
  • Our services are hosted in the cloud. Meaning you don't need to run your own reporting servers.
  • Long term data retention by default.
    Our standard retention period is 5 years, with options to extend as needed.

Callation Features


Users can customize their own dashboards to see up-to-date trends and information at a glace.


It's very easy to start running reports with our intuitive, easy to use reporting interface.

Scheduled Reports

Reports can be scheduled to be delievered via email on a regular basis in PDF, CSV and/or XLSX formats.

Security Roles

Assign roles to users to limit their visibility to calls and statistics for a particular site or department.

Call Search

Search for specific calls and see in detail where the call went, who answered, or where it was transferred.

Online Support

Quality support is our top priority so don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any problem you encounter

Live Demo

To get a better understanding of our platform and features, we recommend taking some time to review our live demo.


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